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When the yarn controller makes the difference


Starting from the 25+ years experience in textile and technical textile industries and applications, BTSR has developed dedicated High Tech Innovative Solution for hygiene industry.

Along the whole manufacturing process, BTSR High Tech Solutions provide the most accurate fiber running monitoring and tension measurement as well the most advanced technology for fiber stretch control in hygiene products both for manufacturing and lab testing purposes.

Whenever an application need concerning the fiber control throughout a production process arises, our company can provide the specific product solution, assuring ‘top’ performances in terms of accuracy, flexibility and reliability. Moreover, BTSR solutions can be easily installed and integrated into existing production lines.

BTSR High Tech devices and systems (available as standard and/or ‘tailor-made’ version) are capable of controlling a wide range of yarns and fibers: elastic or rigid, natural (cotton, linen etc..) or synthetic (nylon, polyester, polyamide etc…), as well as elastomers, glass fibers, carbon fibers and others.

Main Application Processes – Diaper Production Lines, Adhesive Lab Testing, Tension Controlled Unwinding Systems, Fiber Preparation Processes, Weaving Preparation Processes, Hosiery, Knitting, Seamless machines, Special Applications ‘on demand’.

Main Manufacturing Sectors – Hygiene Industry (disposable diapers, adult incontinence and personal-hygiene products, adhesives, ..), Hosiery, Knitting, Medical, Technical Textile Chain (Aeronautics, Automotive, Aeolian, Composite Materials).

We offer High Tech Solutions to improve product quality and operational efficiencies and guaranteeing measurable return on investment and profitability.



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MATRIX CUBE 3 is the latest generation Trio-Loop Function-based Unwinding System Product Line developed by BTSR and equipped with new TMS 'Tension and Metering' Sensor technology.

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