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High Tech Tension Controlled Unwinding System, TOP Accuracy, High Flexibility


MATRIX CUBE represents a new generation 'fully integrated' system combining the latest Yarn Constant Tension Feeding Technology with a 'new concept' Modular Creel System, featuring the 'Double Control Loop' BTSR Patent Solution.

  • 'TOP' Quality Standards Goal - Ensures the highest diaper quality, in terms of desired elasticity features.
  • Production Process Efficiency Maximization - Ensures a continuous process cycle at simultaneous high production capacity. Minimizes machine stops.
  • Extra-production Costs Prevention - Minimizes yarn breakages (and consequent second rate production and machine stops). Reduces yarn wastes (during bobbin change over step).
  • Minimizes Labour Costs - Minimizes machine operator time for production control / empty spools replacement ('Defilè' Feeding System).
  • Immediate Machine Stop - In case a fiber breakage or tension anomaly occurs the machine is immediately stopped, thus avoiding further extra- production costs.


TRIOLOOP SYSTEM - MATRIXCUBE3 comes with "Trio Control Loop" System, the BTSR Patented Solution which allows both elastic yarn feeding tension control and consumption measurement capability thanks to the proprietary BTSR closed-loop technology, thus compensating all friction arising along the elastic yarn path from bobbins until the machine insertion point.

primo blocco


User-friendly movable device protection.

Double Head and Tail

possibility and easy bobbin change-over.

Adjustable Fiber Rolling Wheel Driver System

for easy and precise fiber addressing.

MATRIX DUO-LOOP On-board Machine Terminal

Easy data upload and download. Real-time data monitoring and displaying (yarn consumption, yarn feeding tension, setup meter counter Target).


Full-Digital Fiber Constant Tension Feeding Technology featuring Multiple Parameters 'Closed Loop' Control.
Higher Dynamics Control, Higher Precision.


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Hygiene Sectors

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Baby Diaper Processes
Adult Diaper Processes
Pull-up Diaper Processes
Special application on-demand


Top Issue


MATRIX CUBE 3 is the latest generation Trio-Loop Function-based Unwinding System Product Line developed by BTSR and equipped with new TMS 'Tension and Metering' Sensor technology.

UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
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ISO 14001:2004
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ISO 9001 int
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ISO 14001 int
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