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Full Digital Technology, Top Accuracy, High Flexibility


DIAPERFEEDER in a high precision measurement and control instrument providing a real time display of the exact yarn tension and guaranteeing, through an accurate adjustment, a constant tension feeding of the yarn itself in every working condition.


DIAPERFEEDER is fully programmable and can easily be adapted to any kind of yarn/fiber or tension adjustment and to any operating speed of the machine on which they are installed.

The data setting is easily done through a small three-button key-pad and a graphic LCD display. In normal operating conditions the LCD provides a real time display of the exact yarn tension (in grams) during the manufacturing process, the yarn consumption speed (LFA) (in m/min) and, in graphical form, both the average and peak values of the yarn tension.

Thanks to the BTSR 'Full Digital Technology', featuring a dual control on yarn feeding and yarn running speed, DIAPER FEEDER is able to guarantee absolute performance in terms of system acceleration/deceleration dynamics control with a very high resolution measurement capability (0.1 mm) of the yarn fed to the process.

Main Applicative Benefits

  • Fully programmable - easy parameter setting (Tension Profiler, % tolerances, ...) for diversified working conditions.
  • Fiber Constant Tension Control - high feeding tension values fiber control at very low running speed, without pretension
  • Constant yarn tension both when the machine speed changes and when the yarn packages gradually get empty
  • Best efficiency by eliminating the yarn breakage (tears and extratensions), and possibility of working at the highest speed offered by the machine
  • Drastic second-rate product reduction
  • Accurate yarn feeding speed measurement
  • Possibility of using the yarn up to the complete package emptying.
  • Machine efficiency improvement - A compact Solution easy and plug & play installation.

Main Technical Features

  • Programmable tension: 0,5gr. ÷ 1000 gr.
  • Yarn Feeding speed: up to 2.500 mt/min
  • Advanced Graphic Display for easy real time working parameters monitoring
  • Tension Profiler Function: yarn tension increment / decrement
  • Automatic function possibility during the working process phases.
  • TARGET Function: possibility to set a production target in meters with the relative automatic machine stop
  • Error tension alarms
  • IP54 protection degree, thus allowing to work with critical environmental conditions, like humidity, dustiness, etc.



primo blocco


Measures the fiber feeding tension value and downstream fiber consumption and sends information to SM-DIN MULTILOOP Unit.

Advanced Digital Display for real-time operational information reading.

Ergonomic Keys for easy operation and synchronized alarm signaling.

Double adjustable fiber coil separator system

Input rolling ceramic fiber guide


Main Manufacturing Sectors


Hygiene Sectors

Main Application Processes

Baby Diaper Processes
Adult Diaper Processes
Pull-up Diaper Processes
Special application on-demand


Top Issue


MATRIX CUBE 3 is the latest generation Trio-Loop Function-based Unwinding System Product Line developed by BTSR and equipped with new TMS 'Tension and Metering' Sensor technology.

UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
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ISO 14001:2004
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