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IS3 F Sensor Line

IS3F Sensor Line represents the BTSR solution designed for an advanced fiber yarn running control in diaper manufacturing processes.

The electronic sensors IS3F, thanks to a sophisticated patented technique, are able to measure and control the image variation of a running yarn put under inspection, indicating with absolute accuracy the relevant running or stop condition of the yarn itself.


This device is free from environmental conditions, fully programmable and easily adaptable to the control of any type of yarn without count/typology restrictions.


Recommended for general fiber running control and real-time bobbin change signaling applications on diaper manufacturing processes.







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'Touch light' function allows a precise and fast using of button sensor during different procedure. Bright (red and green) LEDs are used for controlling condition and alarm signalling.

Thanks to the bidimensional analysis through optical lens/ceramic unit, you may perform the yarn control either with yarn-lens contact (self-cleaning) or positioning the yarn within the wide reading area (8 mm) without any yarn-lens conctact (touch-less).

IS3F is available as sealed model ensuring total protection (IP67 Certification)


Main Manufacturing Sectors


Hygiene Sectors

Main Application Processes

Baby Diaper Processes
Adult Diaper Processes
Pull-up Diaper Processes
Special application on-demand


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