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Production under Control

The increasing awareness of the need to monitor and improve essential production aspects such as quality, efficiency and flexibility, is forcing many organizations to adopt total solutions capable of meeting such requirements.

The BTSR answer is represented by a wide range of powerful software tools for programming and analysis aimed at monitoring in real - time and simultaneously the various productions lines within the factory.


Through the monitoring of installed BTSR devices, the PC-LINK software identifies in user friendly way the production anomalies, it collects all data and makes them available in intuitive way, through detailed reports.


An effective support tool capable of meeting both: the needs of machine operators and the analysis and decisional needs of managers.

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Main Manufacturing Sectors


Hygiene Sectors

Main Application Processes

Baby Diaper Processes
Adult Diaper Processes
Pull-up Diaper Processes
Special application on-demand


Top Issue


MATRIX CUBE 3 is the latest generation Trio-Loop Function-based Unwinding System Product Line developed by BTSR and equipped with new TMS 'Tension and Metering' Sensor technology.

UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2008
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ISO 14001:2004
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ISO 9001 int
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ISO 14001 int
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